I was 10 looking through my year book and I looked at some of my teachers and class mates and I notice I started getting hard I began pulling my dick and I started rubbing my dick between the pages I was thinking about one of my teachers it got faster and faster and BOOM I thought I peed all over my year book I was so scared i looked and it was WHITE!! It felt so good I did it again and again and again I came on my all the girls in that year book I think it was a great day:)


I was about 7 and so was my bestfriend.We were hanging out in the basement playing hide and go seek I hid in a closet he found me and he came in the closet and just took his pants off I don’t know why.then I did the same.Then he took his underwear off I saw his penis and got hard then he said take ur underwear off I wanna see so I did he asked if he could lick it I said ok nervously.It felt so good he started sucking then I really wanted to see what his dick tastes like so I began sucking his hard cock and he pushed my head down and said he was gonna pee but I didn’t care I kept suckin turned out it wasn’t pee he came a lot in my mouth I swallowed it all then I did the same to him sucking his cock till I thought I had to pee and I came on his face and in his mouth then after we licked each others but holes:)

nudddddddf asked: Can u post more often

This blog is submission based. Unfortunately I get a story once a month or go for a few months without any submissions. So with that said c’mon folks get brave and submit your story. 

late bloomer

I was about 16 and I’d learned that lying on my pillow with my erection between the pillow and the mattress felt nice but I couldnt figure out how sex really worked. I had a book that mentioned “rythmic motions” but was mostly clinical. 

One night while lying on my pillow I shifted somehow and suddenly my hips began thrusting on their own. Within a few seconds I gave a hard thrust and felt an amazing squeezing  feeling as my whole body stiffened. When it was over I laid there for a moment catching my breath and thinking “wow, I think I just had an orgasm!” I looked under the pillow and found a small puddle of fluid. I quickly cleaned up and proceeded to masturbate the same way for the rest of my life while fantasizing about various girls with only a few experimental attempts with other ways. Sometimes lying on my back and humping against a body pillow fantasizing about other guys. One or twice in the shower with a similar fantasy. 

My First Time

So one evening, when I was 15, my parents and sister were all out, this guy I had known since I was about seven had come over until the next day. We had been friends for a while now but we had never been in a relationship with each other even though he is probably the best guy I have ever met.

Anyway we were making a cake or cookies or something and I was carrying a jug of water and when I turned around I accidentally threw a lot of it on him and in return he threw a jug full on me as well. We both ended up laughing and we went upstairs to the bathroom to clean up. We’re both comfortable around each other but we had never seen each other in our underwear. He took his top and trousers off to dry up and I awkwardly pulled my top and jeans off as I’m quite self conscious of my body even though I’m quite skinny. The whole time he was just watching me as  I dried myself off. He came up to me and took my towel and threw it on the floor. We were both standing in only our underwear and I knew it was starting get more intense. Slowly he bent forward and went in for the kiss. He was an amazingly nice guy and a great friend as well as a good looker so I thought why not. The kissing got more intense and he ended up carrying me to my bedroom. He was moving his hands all the way over my body and unclasped my bra and asked if it was alright. Though I was nervous, I said yes and he took it off me and lay me down on the bed.

It was crazy to think that I had known this guy for most of my life and here I was half naked in front of him while he fondled my breasts. Slowly he moved down my stomach and swiftly removed by knickers after looking to me for his permission. I nodded and he set to work, licking and kissing my clit. 10 minutes later I was getting really close to orgasm. I was grabbing the bed frame and with my other hand holding his head on my vag and telling him to keep going. Suddenly an intense feeling filled me up and I grabbed the bed-frame and moaned so loudly. I looked down on him and he had the biggest smile on his face as he was so happy he had pleased me.

After that experience, I felt I needed to return the favor. We swapped places and I pulled his boxers down to reveal his 5.5”-6” penis. I was very nervous but I really wanted to please him so slowly I kissed the tip and slowly made my way down his shaft. I sucked and licked and made my way faster and faster up and down. I felt it pulsing inside my mouth and he told me to keep going and how he was about to come. He grabbed my head with both hands just as he cummed in my mouth and he moaned with delight. Alot spilled out but I tried to swallow a bit because I heard that was what alot of boys like. He kissed me thankyou and eventually we got changed. It was both mine and his first orgasm and I am truthfully glad it was with him. We are now even better friends and we might just take it a step further next time. It’s amazing to think that my bestest guy friend was my first :) 

Puppy gave me first orgasm

I was 12 and on the brink of puberty.I was getting erections frequently.My dog recently had 4 pups and I liked to sit with them and watch them suckle their mom.I was horny and hard letting a pup suck on my finger and my earlobes.I pulled down my pants and took out my cock.I sat and placed the puppy next to my cock.Suddenly,it hooked on to my cock and started to suck it.It sucked relentlessly,I was in heaven,never had I experienced such a pleasurable feeling.My cock responded and in seconds and it was as rigid as could be,my puppy sucker was tugging and made sucking noises.Meanwhile I was feeling the build up of an intense feeling,after under a minute of being puppy sucked,I orgasmed,It was my first,i shuddered,it kept sucking,I had to pull his mouth off.I didn’t knew if I came because puppy sucked it all down.

When I was 12 years old, I didn´t know a thing about masturbation. I was very naive. I did know a little about semen, what we had been told in school, and nothing at all about orgasms. Like most boys I had started having boners and had found how pleasurable it was to touch them. I would merely squeeze and press and move around a bit, but nothing more. I didn´t consider there might be anything else to it.

The first thing that really intrigued me was the first time I expelled some precum. I have always emitted a lot of it, so it was quite noticeably, even those first times. I would touch those first dollops and notice it was sticky, and made strings, clutching to my penis and fingers. It was definitely no pee. So I started thinking it was possibly cum. It really surprised me, for I was sure that semen could only appear when you were fucking a girl, in order to get her pregnant. But, what else could that clear liquid be?

I shared my bedroom with my older brother, and my mother was always around, so I had very little privacy. I was always afraid they would notice if I touch it in my room or in bed at night. So most times I did it in the bathroom. Later I would prefer the bed, and knew that if you were silent nobody could really tell what you were doing, but back then I was a bit ashamed with my new habit, and would hide it as much as I could. So I was sitting in the WC, squeezing it like I did most days. The sensations had been gradually growing in the last weeks, and that day they were specially good, so I kept my hand working longer than usual. Then I felt that first pang of pleasure that tells of a forecoming orgasm. It was very intense, so I stopped it altogether and just sat there looking at my penis, twitching. I was scared something was wrong. But it wasn´t a good moment to stop and I felt an unbearable urge to keep going. I tentatively took hold of it again and started squeezing and moving the skin, and shaking the whole length of it… Faster and faster. It was something wild. The sensation kept growing until it was overwhelming and then, of course, it happened. I had my first orgasm, I spurted four or five dollops of cum that flew everywhere. It landed on my pants, and trousers and in the floor… It was like eighteen years ago, but the memories are very vivid.

I was astounded. I was aware that it really was semen! I cleaned everything and I thought that it wasn´t surely a good thing to do. I felt a bit ashamed too and decided I was not going to do it again. Better safe than sorry. But then, as I was doing my homework, I started thinking about it. And my dick started to harden again. And I thought I didn´t know if it was something I could control or not. I had to try again and see if I could reach that state whenever I wanted. So I went again to the bathroom and started stroking it. This time I simply imitated what I had done when I was close to cum and it worked. But the orgasm wasn´t as good as the first, I only expelled one tiny blob of semen and my penis was sore. I thought I had made something terribly wrong. It was some days later that I discovered that I only needed some time to recover. Since then I started doing it almost daily.

my best friend gave me my first orgasm

i was 13 years old and fooling around with my best friend (same age ) when he showed  me a porn magazine and asked me did i ever jack off. i had told him no being honest eith but kept getting erections which was embarrising and he told me jstt jack off and me being inexperienced said i did not know what to to do. so he said he would show and took out his cock  and started to pull his penis foreskin back and forth and i said wow as his cock was so hard. he then asked to put my hand over it and do what he eas doing so ii got to hold my first cock and he then unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock and i was in heaven  when he  me   put my now hard a his agains a rock  cock into his mouth and sucked me off. and i felts  told me to suck his cock untill he groaned with pleasure and i felt this thick hot  subtance that tasty salty and then saw that it was pearly white dripping down my mouth. i said wtf when he said you have never cum before  so he grabbed my penis and pulled it back and forth till i got this tingly sensation and thought i was going to pee when my legs turned to jelly and shot my first load ever out. it must of being 5or 6 ropes of seman  and i thought i was going to pass out with plearsure. my first orgasm one the best.


I was 13 and had been occasionally masturbating for years without any particular goal in mind, just for the diffuse pleasure it gave. As I progressed into puberty, the feelings became more intriguing and intense. I had heard about orgasm and ejaculation but couldn’t really imagine what it felt like. I assumed it was something I would find out about in some distant future when I would make love to a woman, because that was how babies were made. 

One summer morning I was lying in bed and had been idly playing with myself. I rolled over onto my stomach and, in a semi-dozing state, rubbed my erect penis gently against the mattress. I began to have a persistent feeling, almost of irritation, that nonetheless began to wake me up and concentrate my attention. Slowly I continued rubbing, aware that I was as hard as I had ever been. I perceived that I was on the verge of something; some unique and astounding feeling was gradually building deep within and moving to the surface. I continued my movement very slowly, not wanting to break the spell. 

And then it gathered and started to take form. I felt myself slowly and involuntarily tightening between the legs, my balls clenching. And suddenly, like a moment of pure light, the feeling burst forth. Although I had never experienced it before, I felt like I had always known it, like I was being reunited with a long-lost best friend. The contraction was repeated, the marvelous, unparalleled sensation continued, reached a peak, and then slowly disappeared.

I lay there amazed, catching my breath. After a while, I rolled over and discovered the small amount of whitish, slippery fluid that I had emitted. I realized that I had ejaculated: this had been an orgasm! It was a transformative moment.  

My Electric O

I was around 12 years old and had found a ‘body’ massager that my mother was using to massage a sore leg. There were 5 or so attachments to it and one was shaped like a little bell. Well I thought, no one is home and that looks like it would fit somewhere nice, I wonder what it would feel like. I quickly stripped off and settled myself on the sofa in the lounge room. By this time I was rock hard in anticipation, I placed the bell shape on the tip of my penis and turned it on. As it buzzed into life, electric shocks coursed through my penis and whole body..OMG, it felt so good. It wasn’t long before I felt like I was going to pee, I even remember chuckling to myself about the sensation and that I could make myself pee with it. As the feeling built up I turned it off, as I didn’t want to pee over the carpet…my childish giggling soon turned  to horror as the feeling continued to build and suddenly I shot white sticky fluid all over the carpet, my pants and my legs…I sat there dumbstruck for what seemed like hours, my heart pounding in my ears, while the realisation slowly washed over me that I had just ‘cum’…That vibrator and me are going to become real good I have to clean the carpet..

1st Orgasm Was An Accident

It was a hot July day in Indiana and I was playing with my toy trucks in the shade along the edge of a sidewalk at the side of my house. I was lying on my stomach wearing my bathing suit, what we would now call a Speedo. It was a stretchy terry cloth fabric with no lining, dark blue with wide white stripes along each side. I tell you all this information because it was to play a major role in my sexuality for some time after that. I had just turned ten years old and didn’t know I even had “sexuality”. As I played my penis was rubbing the fabric of the suit but I remained unaware of the sensations. I had an erection but that happened all the time and I never gave it second thought. Suddenly I became aware of an intense sensation coming from my penis or maybe from deeper inside. I continued to thrust against the swim suit until I felt this deep throbbing begin in my groin. Without even realizing it I rolled over on my back and grasped my penis through the fabric of the swim suit and gently squeezed. Then, as quickly as it began, it was over. I laid there on my back, deeply relaxed and hardly able to even move. The throbbing seem to go on but at a much lower intensity until it finally stopped all together. I continued to lie there for awhile considering what had just happened. I didn’t know what it was but I knew it felt great and I really liked it. It didn’t really frighten me because I rationalized, ‘how could anything that felt that good be bad for you’. I decided it merited further exploration and, leaving my play behind, headed upstairs to my bedroom. At that time it didn’t occur to me that perhaps I should keep this a secret from my mother. I laid on my bed and began to gently stroke my penis through the fabric of my swim suit. I soon began to get the ticklish feeling in my groin again and began to rub harder. It only took a few minutes to reach that point where I couldn’t stop no matter what happened and I had another (dry) orgasm, although I didn’t know this wonderful feeling had a name at that time. Thus began my long time love affair with masturbation. I began to do it as often as I could and always wearing that wonderful bathing suit that I thought was somehow responsible for it. I began to sneak the swim suit into bed with me at night and would slip it on after everything quieted down and would rub myself off through it, many times more than once. (One of the great things about masturbation pre puberty is you can, like a woman, have an almost unlimited number of orgasms in a long session of masturbation.) Late in the following summer I was again lying on my bed on a hot summer afternoon quietly masturbating through my swim suit but this time when I orgasmed I knew I had ejaculated. I knew what it was because by that time my father and I’d had “the talk”. Of course, it made a mess inside my precious swim suit and I somehow had to clean it up. This presented a problem because the bathroom was downstairs and so was my mother. I took the suit down to wash it out and somehow didn’t get caught. From that time on I had to plan ahead and use something to catch the cum. I soon discovered that the swim suit didn’t have a thing to do with this great discovery and was soon masturbating with bare hand on bare penis. I continued to occasionally masturbate through my briefs, swim suits and eventually discovered how soft and smooth panties were to masturbate with. I continue to enjoy it in all its wonderful forms to this day, 50 years later. Like others here, I still occasionally love to “cum in my briefs”. My first orgasm was an accident but I never had another accidental one, not even a wet dream.

My first O

I’m not sure which was my first, but I remember two distinct experiences. 

First was me on a plastic scooter, pushing myself around as most kids do.  This day I was a bit naughty and went into the street.  The asphalt, obviously much courser than the garden, had the most amazing vibrating effect on this little scooter.  Especially when I lent forward and got this awesome tingling in my penis!  I rode around for quite some time untill I couldn’t take the tingling in my nether regions anymore.  Might have been my first O?

Second was at age 10, playing with the neigbour’s kids.  We were playing hide and seek (they had a big backyard) and the boy (as old as me) suggested that we play in the nude (no idea why but the idea excited me).  His sister was a year older than us, and seeing her naked gave me an instant erection!  So we played on, and at some stage the girl and I hid in the same closet.  This closet also contained their dad’s porn stash, so we started paging through one of the mags while her brother was looking for us.  The very first erotic scene was of a guy getting a BJ, so she asked if she could do that to me.  And being a horny kid, I instantly agreed!  So there I got my first BJ, and explored my first female body.  We did not have sex (we did not know how to get it in at the time) but all of the sexual fun and attention must have drove me over the edge, cause as I walked around afterwards my penis twitched uncontrollably with spasms of pleasure, although I thought I was dying!

For weeks thereafter I was so scared of her being pregnant (having no idea how sex worked, thinking that putting your penis in a girl’s mouth might be enough to get her pregnant) but as time went by and no babies came forward, I really wanted to try it again!  But that’s a different story..

From Total Confusion to Instant Understanding

While I was still in the process of ejaculating my way through my first orgasm, sex suddenly made sense.

On my 12th birthday, my dad sat me down in his bedroom and gave me “the talk.”  It was awful.  And I left feeling utterly confused and rather certain that he had lost his mind.  Based on his hurried and embarrassed explanation, I came away having only understood two things:  The penis goes in the vagina, and something about white stuff coming out of the penis and feeling very wonderful.

The idea of putting my penis inside a girl’s vagina seemed ludicrous, and I had no desire to try it.  I put the idea out of my mind.  But, the wonderful feeling associated with the white stuff, on the other hand, intrigued me.  I began paying attention every time I peed, hoping to see something white come out instead of just yellow.  I was always disappointed.  Maybe next time.

About this same time, however, I had also discovered that playing with my penis felt warm, inviting, delicious and electric.  I knew that rubbing it made it get hard and stand up, but I didn’t understand why, and this fantastic phenomenon was in no way connected to the awkward and horrible talk my dad had given me.  

I began to rub it often.  In the shower, after the shower with a towel, in bed at night against the sheets, and most of all, while sitting on the toilet.

It happened while doing the later. I was in the upstairs bathroom.  It was summer.  Long days.  Nothing to hurry up for.  Mom was out running errands and would not be barking at me to “hurry up in there”.  I sat, legs extended out in front of me, pants and underwear around my ankles, rubbing my stiff 12 year old penis and getting lost in the warmth of it. No thought or concept of sex or naked girls or vaginas anywhere in sight.

I had done this before many times, but this time, something different was happening.  The feeling began slowly and at first I ignored it.  But when it became too strong to ignore, I paid attention, and rubbed just a little faster.  What was this?  Something new?  Something…. is happening… something is…. coming up, and out! 

I recall feeling as if I was approaching a cliff, a point of no return.  For a while I knew if I stopped, the feeling would stop to. But it was mounting, getting stronger, and I sensed that if kept going, I would reach a point where although it wouldn’t happen right away, stoping it from happening would be impossible. I didn’t know what “it” was, other than that something was most certainly going to erupt out of me.

I made a choice to keep going, over the cliff. I felt the moment of no-return come closer and closer, and I embraced it until it washed over me.  I felt the “it” surge forward from someplace deep within me, and for just a perfect, sweet moment, I was overcome with the lust of that pre-ejaculation suspense when your entire body is on fire and ecstatically hi.  Whatever was about to happen, I knew it was going to be life changing.

I watched the first squirt with a perfect mixture of fascination and bewilderment.  I recall it spiraling up so high it reached eye level.  What WAS it?  By the time the second squirt arrived, I was aware that cleaning this up was going to be a process, but I didn’t care.  At all.  It was obvious from the still mounting puissance of this new bodily pleasure that several more of these eruptions were on their way. And I was glad for it.

The realization struck me on about the fourth squirt.  Sex.  Now I understood. This was it… the white stuff.  The potency of each forceful ejection was now waning, but before they were done, I felt at once both childish and manly; childish for having thought this might happen while peeing, and manly for having tricked my penis into thinking it was inside a vagina.

When it was done, I sat in awe for a few moments and let the pleasure totally soak out of me. Then I used toilet paper to clean myself up.  It was everywhere, and more of a mess than I cared for.  But it had been worth it.

And most of all, I knew I would do it again.  And often.

At dads

I was around 13ish, and staying with my dad for the week during the summer.   Divorsed parents.  He just had a studio apartment right on the beach.  I slept in his bed, and he slept on the couch. 

He was a great dad, and very open about things.  He told me about he birds and bees before I even cared, but at this age, I started to pay attention.  He was a great reference, and explained a lot of embarrssing things such as masturbation and sex. 

I didnt’ notice until the second night that my dad sleeps in the nude.  It was hot out but he still used a sheet.  I noticed when he came out of bathroom back to the couch.  He had a lot of pubic hair and of course was quite sizable.  I was so jealous, as I just had overgrown peachfuzz then.  

The 3rd night when he was getting into bed, I asked him if I would get bigger and grow lots of hair down there like him.  He shut off the tv and came over into bed with me, under the covers.  He very calmly and openly explained puberty and how we grow, etc.  I don’t remember all that was said, but I remember I must have asked him to let me see his, and he pulled down the covers.  He explained about how we were both circumsized, and even talked about how one testical hangs lower than that other, which I remember being quite concerned about.

I remember getting a little silly, cause I was a little embarrased sitting next to my dad with my little willy sticking out, but my dad was so kind and calm about it, that it kept me calm and not get too silly.    I then went for broke and asked him what jerking off was.  We told each other at school to go jerk off, but I didn’t quite know what that really meant.  Only that is was masturbating and wrong to say.

He even explained that, and said it was natural for boys to do it.  At least that is what I took from it, as I was only half listening when he started to stretch his dick out and grabbed it with his fist and pumped it a couple times to demonstrate.  I think he actually got bigger, and when I started to do it to myself, I remmeber being amazed how fast I got hard.   I looked back and forth from his dick sticking up and mine.

He then stopped me and said its not appropriate to do that now.  he went back to the couch, and we went to sleep.

He had to work the next day and I was to stay in the apartment until he got home.  I didn’t even wake up when he got up and left, but when I woke up, I was shocked.  I had a wet dream again.  I’ve had them a few times before.  I was embarressed that I did it in my dads bed.  I got up and rinsed the sheet out in the sink I think…hahah. 

That afternoon, was hot, and I didn’t know how to get the airconditioner on, so I just stripped down naked and ran around for a while like a lunitic.  Doing this actually got me hard.  And before I thouht about it, I was jerking off.  I sat on the couch and after a few minutes or so, I had my first cum.  I made a mess, and of course it went on the couch.

After cleaning that up and taking a shower, I was back jerking off again.  I discoverd a new olympic event.  I was leary getting cum on something else, so I slipped out onto the balcony that looked over the beach and boardwark, and parking lot in front of building.  His apartment was on top floor of 4 story building.  There was partion between his and apartment next door, so I was safe.  The railings of the balcony were think wood, with gaps a few inches apart.

I spent the rest of the afternoon jerking off out there.  When I would cum, I’d stick my dick out between the gaps in the wood and cum over the side. I didn’t notice until the 2nd time doing it that I was cumming on the cars that parked under the balcony.  Looked like bird poop so I didn’t worry.

By suppertime, I stopped.  My dick was raw, and actually hurt.  I didn’t know to use lubricant.  I cleaned up and my dad was home 10 minutes later.  I cut it too close.  Even my understanding dad may not have approved of my afternoon activities.

The Nest

When I was a little kid, I loved playing in beds. However, I would only want to do it by myself. No spooning with family members during naps, very little cuddling. Whenever I would sleep in a bed with someone, I’d make sure to give them a lot of room. No touching ever.

When I slept alone though, it was a whole different story. I’d surround myself in blankets like it was my nest. One night, I decided to try completing the circle of the nest by putting a blanket between my legs cowboy-style. The minute I pulled the blanket up from both ends, SOMETHING reacted in my four-year-old body that made me jump. My eyes grew huge and my mouth opened- my body could do THAT?! So I kept pulling and moving up and down, and I never ever forgot how wonderful it felt.